There should be a way to seek fame and wealth, but there is no sorrow to gain it. The concept of honor and disgrace is always remembered, which is beneficial to our country and our children. There are thousands of millet in the book, there are gold houses in the book, there are many horses in the book, and there are beauties in the book. Ants are not afraid of climbing trees and learning to be old. Birds fly with phoenixes and Phoenix, and people with virtuous conduct. If the arrow is straighter, the better. If the bow is crooked, the better. Every time you hear good deeds, you will be glad to see the wonderful books copied by yourself. The cold wind killed a single grass, and the flood destroyed the single wood bridge. However, I feel that the official sentiment is as thin as ice, and I don't know that there are mountains high in human affairs. I'm not afraid of hurting people and tigers when I'm in the mountains, but I'm afraid of two sides of human relationship. The three heroes of Nanshan Mountain were killed by Fei Erdao. Wealth is like candlelight in the wind, and fame is like floating on the water. Good righteousness is always admired by people, but greed is laughed at by ghosts. Fame and wealth are heavy in the world. There are several people who can throw them away. The wise do not show off their own strengths, the gentleman does not take advantage of others. When you live, you hate less money. When you die, you know that money is not treasure. Fair in the world only white hair, the noble head never Rao.